Virus scan software mission

Our mission as a site is to pass on our knowledge of technology security to those who need it most: the modern computer user. A team of dedicated experts are online ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the security of your personal computer. The staff at Virus Scan Software have access to all of the market leading software in this area, and are sufficiently experienced to recommend the right solution for anyone, whether you are looking to protect your home computer or a network of computers relied upon by your entire staff.

Virus Scan Software want to increase the general level of security utilised by the personal computing community as a whole, and we intend to do this through the distribution of accurate information and assistance, together with software that will aid in the defence of any computer.

Whether you feel you have a virus and do not know how to find it, or you have a virus and do not know how to remove it, Virus Scan Software has the answer. In addition to the options to purchase software and contact our team of dedicated staff, we also keep an up-to-date library of security information, hints, tips and tutorials for the use of our visitors. Many questions are answered here and eliminate the need to contact our staff and wait for a reply.