Secure browsing - Virus scan software

McAfee, Inc

Since the internet became a widespread means of communication, the occurrence of viruses has become more and more commonplace. Prior to this, many people did not even know what a virus was, and the software available for prevention and remedy was nowhere near as sophisticated as modern offerings. Virus scan software was the sort of thing that would be afforded little display space in software retailers. This awareness is much needed especially with broadband technology giving more people access to the Internet.

File transfer extended to the swapping and distribution of floppy disks. Fewer viruses existed because small-time programmers that seem so keen on their creation in a modern environment simply did not have the inclination. There was little chance of them achieving notoriety simply because there were not enough channels through which their work could be distributed.

However, the internet brought a new dawn. Many people perceived it as a way of accessing information, without considering that it was also a way for others to access them. Now, and as technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier to design and create methods of distributing viruses. However, the main anti-virus companies are keeping abreast of developments and designing protection and remedies as fast as new viruses can become widespread.

Secure browsing is important. Whenever you visit a web page data is being transferred to your PC, and so there is a possibility that this data includes something that was not specifically requested. The only way of knowing is if the incoming data is specifically monitored. Virus scan software ensures that the data downloaded onto your computer is safe.

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