Block hackers - Virus scan software

McAfee, Inc

There are people out there online now who make it their goal to find out others' information. Even when this information is absolutely worthless to them, some achieve a thrill from simply seeing things that they shouldn't.

Of course, there are more 'practical' uses of hacking. Not all hackers are small-time computer experts with a thirst for useless knowledge. Computers are hacked for a variety of reasons with a purpose, such as to steal credit card details for fraudulent use or a list of e-mail addresses for the purpose of unsolicited e-mail.

There are a variety of tools and methods used by hackers. They will usually disguise their IP address through the use of an anonymous proxy, so that whatever damage they cause cannot be traced, and also utilise tools such as password breakers and encryption codes to obtain access.

No matter what tools they use, however, there is one thing that remains true that the hacker cannot change. They must access your information through your internet connection. As with viruses, the best hacker-blocking software monitors these connections for any abnormal activity. The general job of the software is to alert the user to this abnormal activity and give them the option to block the connection, destroying the link between the hacker's computer and yours, and thus preventing them from accessing your data.

The software used to stop hackers gaining direct access to your computer is known as a 'firewall'. The best examples of such software are: