Virus protection - Virus scan software

Individuals are not the only common targets of viruses. In fact, the majority of malicious coding is aimed at larger organizations. Hackers and virus programmers take even more satisfaction in their work spreading through a large company. It is also much easier for a virus to spread within an organization, as most computers are linked on a network, and address books of individuals contain many addresses of colleagues.

Sophos anti-virus is software designed specifically with network functionality in mind. Unlike personal anti-virus software, it includes options for physical management of network anti-virus policies. The software is available for all popular operating systems, including laptops, workstations and servers.

BlackICE Server Protection works to protect web, file, application and database servers. The software operates by detecting and blocking malicious activity. All inbound and outbound activity on your server is scanned to detect a source, and then blocked if deemed to be malicious. BlackICE Server Protection incorporates protection for all forms of common server attacks, such as the exploitation of weaknesses in CGI scripting.

Trend Interscan WebProtect is another possible solution, from the makers of PC-Cillin. It integrates seamlessly with what is already in place on your network with no need for any further changes either on the server or for the clients. The software automatically scans all http traffic, and keeps itself up-to-date through regular automated updates.

Each example of enterprise virus scan software works in a different way with different characteristics and options. Our team of experts would be happy to advise you on an individual bespoke solution based on your needs.

  • Sophos Anti-virus

  • BlackICE Server Protection

  • Trend Interscan Web Protect