Filter email - Virus scan software

E-mail is the biggest use of the internet. More people regularly use e-mail than use the internet to view web pages. It is therefore one of the main targets for virus creators to infect e-mail software and parts of a computer that e-mail relies on. The fact that e-mail involves direct communication means that it is one of the most effective means of distribution, particularly for a virus which is usually sent unbeknownst to the sender.

Many of the major recent e-mail viruses are known as worms. They infect mail software and send themselves to a variety of e-mail addresses based on the content of the host's address book. The chances are that if someone who is not very web-literate receives the virus, the offending attachment will be opened because the e-mail is supposedly from a trusted source.

Software is available to counter either of these possible problems, and the software of choice for the experts at Virus Scan Software is the built-in mail filter of RAV Anti-virus. Together with the overall virus protection, it has settings in place to strengthen e-mail protection in particular. Therefore, our software of choice for e-mail filtering is: