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With the ever increasing threat to security that exists as businesses and individuals rely on the Internet more and more, the need for adequate protection has never been greater. With ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, users can rest assured that they have the protection they need.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is the ease of use. With just a few clicks, users will be able to set the appropriate level of security for their computer. Users are even able to choose which alerts the firewall sends: no more dealing with a pop-up from your firewall every minute!

Perhaps one of the most advanced security features that ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall includes is the ability to run downloaded programs in a safe, virtual environment. By running programs in a virtual environment, the firewall is able to determine whether or not the program exhibits any of the dangerous characteristics that viruses and other intrusive programs sometimes exhibit. This feature is perhaps not only one of the most advanced, but also the most effective at helping to ensure your security.

By scanning outgoing emails, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is able to help put a stop to malignant programs that spread via email. And as if these features were not enough, this firewall is also able to help ensure that the websites you visit are safe and secure.

All in all, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is an excellent balance of ease of use and functionality. With its advanced features, it works to ensure that you are protected from the many threats that lurk about the Internet in this day and age. While anti-virus software helps to clean up the mess once your system has been infected, this programs works to ensure that your computer is not infected in the first place, maximizing the security of your system.