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Spam Filter for Outlook and Outlook Express

Some web users treat spam as a breach of security. The sending of unsolicited e-mail means that the sender has somehow obtained the address of the recipient without permission, and is using this information in order to advertise their company. Ever since the practice of spamming began, it has been looked down upon to such an extent that legislation is now in place to prevent such misuse of e-mail addresses.

The dangers of spam are that fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive e-mails are delivered to recipients who at best do not want to receive it, and at worst are not suitable viewers of such material. For example, spam is a common tool among the adult industry. Spam senders rarely verify the owner of an e-mail address, and so there is as much chance of a youngster receiving these adult mailings as an adult.

Spam Killer from McAfee uses a variety of settings and filters to ensure that content delivered to an inbox is only valid communication from trusted sources. It includes a preset list of known spammers, but also monitors subject lines and text of all messages to ensure that nothing slips through. Thousands of filters are included in the package, and McAfee experts are working constantly to develop new methods of blocking spam. These updates are freely available through the McAfee website. Our software of choice for the blocking of spam is