Data protection - Virus scan software

Although we are advocates of the idea that prevention is better than cure, we recognise that things do happen, and problems do occur. If you have left your machine on unsupervised for extended periods of time then there is every possibility that changes have been made or other problems caused during this time. If data is lost inadvertently, it is not always possible to recover it through traditional means. Many viruses enjoy simply destroying data, and hackers often delete files they have manipulated in an extra effort to cover what they have done.

Computer experts code viruses, and hackers themselves are computer experts, and so their methods of file removal can generally be considered to be very comprehensive. It is therefore important to ensure that there is always another copy of data, so that is excessive problems do occur, then anything that is defaced or lost can simply be replaced. The method of doing this is known as a backup, which is an identical copy of data stored elsewhere from the main machine, such as on a CD.

Backup Plus allows easy backup of all your important data. You can choose to create backups based on individual files, folders or even full drives. You can choose to back your data up to a single archive on any type of media or another hard disk or simply span backups over just about any removable drive, including CDR/CDRW devices. The software can backup data when specified, or a schedule of backing up can be set, so that there is always a recent copy of the most important data available.

Therefore, our software choices for this method of security are:

BackUp Software: