Kaspersky PURE - Virus scan software


Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky recently released a new form of security software known as PURE. It includes multiple tools, including a password manager, data encryption tools, a file shredder, and the ability to create a virtual environment to run programs that could be potentially harmful. Kaspersky has also included parental controls, tools to aid in data backup, as well as their antivirus and firewall software that they have become famous for.

PURE is presented with an easy to use interface that makes the user aware of any detected problems. The software separates problems into four separate categories: Computer Protection, Backup, Parental Control, and Security+. Under the computer protection section users can find different options to scan their computer for viruses and malware, and set a schedule of when they want the scans to be run. Scan times are average, and light on system resources. This allows users to run other applications while the computer is being scanned, and not have to worry about their programs slowing down.

Many of the tools that are included with PURE are designed to be as user friendly as possible. Backups are performed through the use of a wizard that guides the user in a step by step manner. The same goes for parental controls, there are a wide range of options that are easy to understand and implement. Even the tools under the Security+, which are used to perform a variety of tune-ups, are presented in a user friendly manner.

Kaspersky PURE combines the popular antivirus and firewall software with other tools designed to protect a computer. Every piece of the software is presented in a easy to understand manner, making it easy for everyone to use. It is the perfect software for people who are looking for more protection for their computer, as opposed to simple anti-virus software.