ZoneAlarm Internet Security review

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite was created by the commercially successful and reputable Zone Labs, a company long known as an innovator in matters related to the internet security.

The program is what it says it is, a suite or set of applications to protect a computer from spywares, malwares and viruses by monitoring and protecting the operating system from changes to its program installations, files, and registry, which is where most Internet threats attack an internet operating system. Its firewall protections, among the best available, protect the computer from dangerous traffic coming in from the Internet and in addition it protects the computer from being infected by a Trojan program and thus preventing information in the computer from going out without the owner’s permission.

Also included is an anti-virus program with complete protection from all viruses and in addition the program automatically updates all its program to receive the latest virus definitions needed to protect the computer from any and all recent virus threats. The Anti-spyware included in the suite installs itself on the computer, monitors the usage of the computer, then blocks and removes any spyware found in the computer. Another program, the total ID Theft Protection, is aware of the possibility of identity theft and provides the owner of the computer with useful information regarding this problem and also monitors the owner’s credit file daily to find and remove any unusual activities.

In short the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive online security solution with software that will efficiently protect a computer from the many malicious threats in circulation today.