ZoneAlarm Extreme Security review

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is an excellent example of the features that security software should provide users. With a wide array of advanced features, this security suite is well ahead of its competitors.

What is it that makes ZoneAlarm Extreme Security so great? Perhaps one of the most useful features that this program provides is the ZoneAlarm ForceField. While in the past, the majority of computer infections were through emails or downloading programs, in today's modern era, malignant programs can gain access to a computer through the web browser alone. But with the ForceField, these programs will not be able to turn a user's web browser against them. Whenever a web browser attempts to make a change to computer files or to the computer registry, ForceField virtualizes it. What this means is that, rather than writing any information to the computer, ForceField tricks the browser into believing that the change was made. This helps to add another layer of security to a user's web browsing.

As if this was not enough, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security also allows for things such as online backups of essential files, a 'tune up' program to help clear up registry issues that may slow a computer down, providing in-browser protection from key logging programs, and much, much more! With so many features available, ZoneAlarm helps to ensure that a user's computer is protected from almost every conceivable eventuality. This also includes protecting users from fraudulent websites which might otherwise attempt to steal your personal information.

As the world begins to rely more and more on the Internet, computer security becomes a much greater concern than it previously was. While it's impossible to protect a computer from every threat, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security works to protect a computer from as many threats as is possible. This program is definitely a must have for anyone who is serious about their computer's security.