ZoneAlarm Datalock review

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

While the option to fully encrypt the information on your hard drive has been available in Windows for many years, only the most expensive of the Windows operating systems have supported this feature. As a result, many users have been unable to take advantage of the security that a fully encrypted hard drive can provide. Now, with ZoneAlarm Datalock, every day users and small business owners can finally take advantage of full drive encryption.

How does ZoneAlarm Datalock's full drive encryption work? Immediately upon booting up the computer, the user is prompted for the password that they configured Datalock to use. For security, the password must be at least 8 characters long. After inputting this password, the Datalock program will allow the Windows operating system to begin to load.

While some users may baulk at the inconvenience of having to input a password twice to get into their computer (once with ZoneAlarm Datalock and another with the Windows login prompt), few realize the extreme difference in protection that Datalock provides. While the Windows login prevents the average user from getting into the files on the computer, all it takes is someone using a USB flash drive with an operating system on it to gain access to these files without knowing the Windows password.

With ZoneAlarm Datalock, however, this is not the case. This program encrypts all of the information on the hard drive. Even if the drive is scanned using another operating system, the files on the computer will remain secure.

For anyone who values their security, but are unwilling or able to pay for the more expensive of the Windows operating systems, ZoneAlarm Datalock is an excellent program to have. Finally, a program that provides advanced protection of all the files on a hard drive, without costing hundreds of dollars to buy.