Trend Micro Smart Surfing for Mac Review

Trend Micro Smart Surfing for Mac

Trend Micro has developed Smart Surfing for Mac products. As the population of Mac users has grown, they have become as targeted with virus and malware issues as their Window surfing colleagues. This security product is one of the earliest implemented for Mac.

Smart Surfing allows blocking IM and email links that can direct you to possibly unsafe sites. It blocks Web sites from being able to install risky software onto your pc. Smart Suring automatically updates to ensure protection is always current to defend against new security dangers.

The Trend Micro icon appears top bar of the screen after installation. Clicking the icon will give you access to dropdown menus for running scans, adjusting setting and check for updates for Smart Surfing.

When Smart Surfing for Mac is accessed, a pop-up window gives you the option of setting the protection level to guard against virus, malware threats and online scams. You can pull up your approved and blocked Web sites list from this window as well.

Parental control blocks can be set from the approved and blocked Web site list option. This setting can be set from low to high depending on the age of the child. Low is usually set for older teenagers; the younger the child, the higher the setting. The settings offer categories which can be blocked such as porn and drugs. IM and chat can also be controlled from this setting.

Ordering Smart Surfing for Mac is an easy process. After the order is placed, an email is sent with instructions. Access the Trend Micro Web site; look up the order and enter the order number, password and serial number provided in the email sent. This will allow a download of the software. Protection is immediate, although settings can be modified to suit your needs.