McAfee Total Protection 2010 Review

McAfee, Inc

The 2010 version of McAfee presents a more simplified user interface. The upgraded version lists a number of improvements such as: Malware blocking, online backup with Mozy, phishing protection and intruder alert included with the network map. McAfee has improved performance in most all aspects of this version.

McAfee Total Protection 2010 uses numerous strategies to identify viruses. Once installed, the software performs a quick scan. The improved firewall permits outgoing access to all programs. Any unknown program that attempts to receive external network traffic for the first time, the prompt asks if this should be allowed. The stealth level of McAfee conceals the computer from detection; every port is protected with this feature.

McAfee also includes “Attack Detection” which protects the system’s security. It will send an alert for a Trojan before removing; and remove other not so threatening viruses when detected. This software has been tested by users attempting to send viruses to the computer; so far, McAfee has passed with flying colors. These tests are called “leak” tests where a malicious program can change the settings in the computer’s registry; but McAfee’s performance was excellent and denied access to the program.

This new software has the ability to filter not only Outlook, Windows Mail and others, but some Web based email accounts as well. With the 2010 Total Protection, five levels of spam security can be established. White list approved email will be the only email allowed by MacAfee’s Total Protection 2010, if set at the security’s restricted level.

The license for this software allows the installation on three pcs. Opening “My Network” map will show McAfee icons on all computers installed with this software. The computers can then be marked as trusted. The same password should be entered on all computers to create a linking relationship.