Kaspersky Password Manager Review


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Many people use the Internet to accomplish a wealth of different tasks throughout the day. Whether they personal or business related, there is one thing that is common across the Internet, the use of a password. It is important to guard this information from people looking to steal your login information, as well as other information that is frequently submitted over the Internet. One of the best ways to keep your data from being lost or stolen is by using Kaspersky Password Manager.

Kaspersky Password Manager is a piece of software that aids a user in remembering different login/password combinations, as well as personal information. By guarding the information behind a master password, you can be assured that your data is safe, and that you will no longer have to write it down on scraps of paper, or worry about forgetting it.

After installing Password Manager you must create a master password, this is the only password that you will need to remember. As an added security feature you can choose to enter the password with a virtual keyboard, this keeps your information safe from keyloggers that may be recording keystroke on the keyboard.

When you create a new entry for a website you are offered more options to keep your passwords safe. This is accomplished by creating separate accounts that have different pieces of information attached to each account. If you do not know the information, then you cannot log in to the site. While creating a new entry for a site Kaspersky Password Manager has the option to generate a new secure password up to 99 characters.

Kaspersky Password Manager is the perfect tool for people who have a large number of passwords to use, or are looking for added protection. The software will keep your passwords safe from prying eyes, and ensure that your information will remain safe.