Kaspersky Brings its World-Class Security to Smartphones - Review


Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

Every day people are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate their smartphones into their lives, and in the process they are trusting more and more personal information to the do-it-all devices -- information that they normally protect with antivirus or internet security software.

If this sounds like you, then let Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 protect your phone and keep it safe from hackers.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 features anti-theft protection, privacy protection, anti-malware protection, advanced data encryption, and parental controls for your child's phone.

With the anti-theft protection you can remotely block access to your phone if it is lost or stolen, remotely clean your phone, wiping it of your personal information, find your missing phone with GPS Find and Google Maps, and block, clean and find your phone even if your SIM card has been replaced.

Privacy protection is a one of our two new features. It allows you to control what others can see and access when they pick up your phone, keep designated incoming calls and SMS texts completely hidden until you're ready to view them, and activate 'Private' mode manually, automatically or remotely.

Anti-malware protection allows you to control who you'll accept calls and SMS texts from, block unwanted calls and texts from unknown numbers, prevent spam and viruses from infecting your phone while you're surfing the Internet, and real-time scanning and advanced firewall for 24/7 protection.

The other new feature is enhanced data encryption. This feature allows users to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive or confidential files, and password-protect and encrypt multiple folders.

Parental controls for your child's phone give you the ability to block outgoing calls or SMS texts to undesirable numbers, including premium rate services, and use GPS Find and Google Maps to allow you to find your child anytime, day or night.

If you're a serious smartphone user, then Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is a must for you.