Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac Review


Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac

Many people who own an Apple computer are under the belief that their computers are unable to be infected by a virus, worm, malware, or any other piece of rogue software that is on the Internet. Although they are almost correct, there has been a small number of trojans that are designed specifically for the Mac OSX operating system. Despite the small number of threats posed to OSX users, there is an ever growing amount of software being released to target these applications.

Kaspersky has released their popular anti-virus software for OSX users for the first time. Although it may remind many users of the PC version, it still features a simple interface with a large button in the middle acting as a traffic light to inform users of potential problems. A green light means that there are no rogue applications on the system, and yellow and red lights signaling that there is one or more security issue detected. The threats are listed, with a detailed description and the option to delete them. Kaspersky has three different modes to scan a computer running OSX the first is a basic scan, the second is a full scan which checks all areas of a hard drive, and the final scan is background protection which can be turned on or off.

Kaspersky has a virus database of over 25 million viruses, the trouble though is that many of them cannot affect a computer running OSX. The one positive to the scanner is that it can scan shared files and folders. This can prove to be useful on a network that has users with Windows computers as they may not be aware of the infected files and folders. For the price Kaspersky anti-virus does an excellent job of scanning a computer for viruses. Mac users will have to decide if it is practical to pay for a full year's license for the handful of malicious applications targeting Apple computers.