Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 Review


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Antivirus software is something that you need on your computer because new viruses are developed every single day and if one manages to infect your computer your productivity could be affected and you may even lose important pieces of information such as documents or pictures which are irreplaceable.

Kapersky anti-virus 2011 has just been released to the public for download on their website. It includes an entire internet security system built right into it which ensures that you remain safe while browsing the vast World Wide Web. The new development of software is top of the line and promises to keep you as safe as possible from any threats which may be present online.

One of the new features is the introduction of something called system watcher technology. This keeps a constant monitor on the system to detect any changes in processes that may occur as a result of an infection from a virus or even spyware or adware if you happen to get infected. Then the user is given the option to revert back to a previous time when the threat didn't exist. This isn't the only introduction to the new version though. Safe Surf is another optional feature that you can enable and may be even more useful if you have younger children who use the computer. This allows you to block potentially offensive material from ever reaching your computer screen.

The existing technology has also been improved to keep up with the times including the real time protection which will block any infection attempts by malicious software developers. Phishing is also combated by the software which keeps a careful eye on any potentially sensitive information on sites such as bank or credit cards. The parental controls are seen as particularly useful to monitor not only the internet but different applications on the computer as well.